On October 1917 the Miracle of the Sun occured. Reportedly attended by 30,000 to 100,000 people gathered near Fátima, Portugal. Several newspaper reporters were in attendance and they took testimony from many people who claimed to have witnessed extraordinary solar activity.

This film looks to explore not only the history of the early 1900's in Brazil and the impact of this particular event, but also the religious implications.  The legacy of Our Lady of Fatima and what role it has played as far as modern day miracles.  Interviews with Father Steve Rice of the First Lutheran Church in Miles City Montana and Dr. Daniel Ferris, a History professor at Miles Community College, will further discuss the divide between the spiritual meaning and that from a skeptics point of view.

What is the truth? Was there a miracle? How can this be explained by science?

This film will take an open minded view point and will give equal time and consideration to all sides of the significance of this event.

Filming begins May 2017!