In August of 1992 ESPN hosted a Super-Welterweight boxing match with title implications between Todd Foster and Jeff Mayweather, but this match did not happen in Las Vegas, or Atlantic City, instead it took place in the middle of a football field in Miles City, Montana.  This documentary will shed some light on why such a big match happened in essentially the middle of nowhere.  Featuring first hand accounts and stories from the people that made it happen and those that were there.

This film covers the event in it's entirety including the improbable rise of a Montana native through the Olympics and then the professional boxing ranks. As well as focusing on how such an important boxing match-up with title implications could take place in such a small town in Eastern Montana. Also included is archive fight footage licensed through ESPN of the actual bout between Foster and Mayweather.  Finally the lasting impact that the event has had on the small town of Miles City and it's long remembered legacy. 

"This documentary has been a labor of love for me" Said Director Mike Mintz. "I have been working on this for the better part of 5 years. What's crazy is that you can trace my current career trajectory starting at the point that I first found out about the event. I've wanted to tell this story ever since, and now is your chance to see what I have found out years ago.  That is this story is simply incredible, the right people at the right time put together a big event in the most unlikely of places."

Mike Mintz is the current Creative Services Director at KULR-8 and the President and founder of 9-0 Films.  Mike and 9-0 Films are currently in pre-production on upcoming films, so make sure to stay tuned to see what they come up with next!